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U.F.O. #4: Dry / Medium: 6%

U.F.O stands for Unidentified Forgotten Orchard, this cider is made using apples collected from small and privately owned orchards across the Somerset levels, we’ve called it U.F.O. as this cider will vary from batch to batch due to the different blends of fruit collected.

Now serving U.F.O. #4 This blend comes from a single orchard on the outskirts of Baltonsborough and contains 3 varieties including Yarlington Mills and Stembridge Jersey, along with a 3rd unknown variety!

This cider is a deep amber colour smooth and easy drinking with low tannins.


Wizard: Medium 6.5%

Tricky Wizard is a blend of 3 classic cider apples, Dabinnet, Yarlington Mills and Michelin sourced from Somerset orchards. A well balanced and full bodied classic farmhouse cider with mid tannin and medium sweetness.

Review of Wizard by Chris George - Cork & Crown:


UFO #5: Dry 5%

U.F.O. #5 is our new lower alcohol dry cider at 5% ABV. It is made from a blend of Dabinett and Jersey ciders and is remarkably smooth and easy to drink, full of flavour, low to medium tannins and a touch of bitterness. Made without additives such as Malic acid, 80% juice content, 20% water. The perfect lunchtime pint!